Insurance Claims Submission

The key to receiving maximum income is a completed claim, processed by the insurance. We pride ourselves on prompt claim submissions. We know that the faster a claim is submitted, the faster the provider will receive reimbursement.  With this in mind all claims will be submitted within 48 hours from acceptance from provider. This means, you can receive payment within 15 days on average. Minimizing claim turnaround time will maximize income and profitability for you.

Payment within 15 days

Our team uses an electronic insurance submission system that produces an average 15-day payout on all claims.  This combined with screening authorizations and prompt billing submission, we are able expedite your reimbursement payout with an average acceptance of 93% from all insurance companies the first time. 

Accounts Receivable Management

With a customized system designed for the needs of your practice, we are prepared to handle all your accounts receivable needs. We provide a monthly or quarterly report of receivable income from co-pays, to patient payments and insurance reimbursements

Aging Accounts and Denials

The average medical office is at risk of loosing 32% on average of their revenue due to aging accounts or insurance denials.  That is a substantial loss that our professionals may be able to recover for you.  We will break down each insurance denial to determine the error and if it can be corrected to receive reimbursement.  Often, we are able to resubmit a claim or file an appeal in order to successfully obtain reimbursement.   Recovering these 90+ days aging accounts can take a considerable amount of time for your office staff to process and often without success. Allow our team to take the stress out of your past due accounts.


Office visits, procedures, and wellness care are all covered by insurance at different levels.  Our authorization team will take the guesswork out of insurance approvals. We will contact the insurance company to determine the covered services for your patient prior to their visit.  This process provides assurance to the patient that they are maximizing their benefit coverage while providing you the information you need to receive maximum reimbursement. 

Insurance Verifications

According to Avadyne Health, patient payments produce up to 18% of the providers revenue.  This percentage is projected to grow over time.   Protect that profit by allowing us to manage your insurance verifications.  The highly trained insurance specialists on staff will verify insurance eligibility as well as detailed coverage based on patient need prior to each scheduled appointment.  This will ensure billing codes will match covered services providing a maximum reimbursement for you, the provider.  

Patient Billing

Patriot Billing provides you with the comfort of knowing that your billing process is being managed by our expert billers who will provide your patients with courteous support for all their billing questions.   Our easy to read billing statement provides the patient with a direct contact number to speak with one of our specialists.  This allows your office staff to focus on patient care and scheduling without the interruption of confusing billing questions.  

Revenue Cycle Management

The revenue cycle  process begins with the patient appointment and ends when the provider receives reimbursement.  Our highly skilled team of billing specialists will handle each of these claims through the entire process for you.  It is our mission to complete each claim with speed and accuracy, while providing you with monthly A/R reports.  We also provide end of the day reports allowing you to see what was billed out for the day. This will enable you to closely monitor the revenue cycle for your practice

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